Certified Nursing Assistant Courses and Classes

Is there any open courseware available for online certified nursing assistant courses?

Open courseware is available for a variety of courses that benefit students taking certified nursing assistant online classes:

Kaplan University offers a course in Nursing Fundamentals, which teaches the essential functions of a CNA such as patient safety, bathing and grooming, personal care and assisting with mobility.

Students enrolled in the best CNA online classes might augment their courses through the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, where you can take Managing Long Term Care Services for Aging Populations. Many graduates of online CNA courses will work in nursing homes and long-term care facilities; this course prepares them for the delivery of care that meets seniors’ special needs. You can also take Health Issues for Aging Populations, which covers the health issues that older people and their healthcare providers face.

Students in top online CNA classes should also consider MIT’s seminar in Health Care Systems Innovation. The seminar teaches students to understand healthcare delivery from a systems perspective and to identify its problems and opportunities.

Caring in Hospitals from The Open University examines the care provided in hospitals and the people who deliver it. All of the above courses are ideal supplements for accredited CNA courses online.

What blogs or other online resources might be useful in my certified nursing assistant courses?

Pallimed was founded by a doctor in 2005 and compiles articles related to palliative care from a variety of journals. Students in online classes for CNA who are considering working in hospice or with elderly patients will find this blog particularly informative.

A useful site for CNAs is Nursing Assistant Resources on the Web, run by 3 CNAs in an effort to centralize online resources. In addition to the usual topics, it covers legal issues for CNAs, professional advice, CNA advocacy and more. Students in both traditional programs and CNA online courses will find a great deal of useful information here.

The Humboldt State University Library provides a directory of references, government agencies, general nursing sites, professional organizations, discussion groups and more. If you are taking certified nursing assistant classes online, this is an excellent resource for connecting with the nursing community.

The National Network of Career Nursing Assistants is an educational organization for nursing assistants in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. They offer many programs for CNAs, and membership fosters the ability to make professional connections, which is especially important for students in an online CNA course.

What magazines or journals can I read while I study in my offline or online certified nursing assistant classes?

The Journal of Nursing Care Quality (JNCQ) is a peer reviewed journal for practicing nurses and those who have leadership roles in nursing care quality programs. The journal provides information on applying quality principles and concepts into practice and offers a discussion forum for the real-world application of these principles.

The Journal of Nursing Administration (JONA) is another peer reviewed journal; it provides information on developments and advances in patient care leadership. While the journal is geared toward nurses in management positions, students in traditional classes and CNA classes online should read it in order to learn what your supervisors will expect of you on the job.

Research in Gerontological Nursing seeks to improve the wellness and quality of care of the older adult population. CNA jobs frequently involve working with elderly patients, so it is important to understand their specific needs.

4CNAs is an online magazine that offers a comprehensive database of articles submitted by CNAs. The site also includes a message board that students taking a CNA course online may find of interest, as it allows you to interact with working CNAs.