CNA Scholarships

Browse the following directory to discover scholarships available to CNA students. College tuition can be expensive, so if you are considering pursuing a CNA training program you should leverage every possible scholarship to offset your education costs. Scholarships are available to CNA students at both the state and national levels. Some private organizations and schools also offer scholarships, so explore all your options. This comprehensive scholarship directory has been created to help you save time in your search for funding, but you can also search for CNA scholarships online. You can also speak with your employer to see if there is tuition reimbursement or other funding for staff to improve their skills.

When searching for certified nursing assistant scholarships, keep in mind that some are only available to certain types of students or demographic groups. Use the filters provided to narrow down the list of scholarships to show only the ones for which you qualify. Remember that each of these scholarships has its own set of requirements, so carefully read the stipulations for each scholarship to see if you are eligible to apply.

For example, some scholarships only accept applications from high school students, whereas others require that you have already completed an associate’s degree. Additionally, some scholarships may only be available to students attending online CNA programs, whereas some may require that you be an on-campus student. Also, be aware that some of these scholarships are available to students who live within a certain state, or who belong to specific segments of the population, like a given gender or ethnic group. Furthermore, there may be GPA requirements you must meet to be eligible for CNA scholarships, so keep your grades up to improve your chances of obtaining this financial aid.

Identify Trends in CNA Scholarships

CNA’s work closely with nurses so a majority of the scholarships listed in this directory are available through nursing associations, foundations, and hospitals. Additionally, you will notice that many of these CNA scholarships are offered by universities or other nursing schools around the country. These scholarships are available to students who are pursuing nursing, medical technology, pharmacy, occupational therapy, laboratory science, and other disciplines as well.

When looking for a CNA scholarship, also note that there may be differences in the award amounts. You will notice these scholarships range from a few hundred dollars to up to $20,000 in tuition reimbursement. While these large award amounts look appealing, remember that you should also apply for several smaller scholarships that can significantly help reduce your education costs. Every dollar counts when it comes to paying for school.

Key CNA Scholarship

Orfalea Health Field Scholarship Award

The Orfalea Health Field Scholarship Award is sponsored by the Ventura County Community Foundation and awards $2,500 to 22 students each academic year. This scholarship is available to Ventura County senior high school students, or to students who have already graduated from Ventura County high school and are enrolled in an accredited postsecondary education program. Students must plan on attending a dental hygienist, emergency medical technician, nursing, CNA, occupational or physical therapy, psychology/counseling, public health, radiology technician, or social work program to be eligible.

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